About Chiromotion

My name is Lynita Haaranen and I am a Chiropractor in Calgary NW.

I have been practicing Chiropractic here since 1994. ChiroMotion opened on January 4, 2016 in the Crowfoot West Business Centre.

I’m often told that I am a gentle chiropractor. I have various techniques that I use in my practice to help my patients, particularly those people who prefer not to be manually adjusted.


Chiropractic is extremely safe and has been around for over 100 years. Most people notice changes within the first few adjustments and find the treatments to be quite comfortable and painless.

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Be one of the first in Calgary to experience the latest science available in orthotics and custom-made footwear.

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And Much More

From cold laser therapy to supplements that keep you feeling healthy, visit our Services page for a full list of what we can do for you.

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Stop Living with Unnecessary Discomfort

Too often people make the mistake of thinking that pain is the problem and treat it as such. The truth is that pain is a symptom that there is something wrong with your body. Through chiropractic treatment, we get to the root of the problem to not only eliminate the pain but to make it less likely to return in the future.


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