Our Chiropractic Services in Calgary NW

An Intro to Chiropractic

As chiropractors, we work through the spine to remove interference in the nervous system and allow the body to heal on its own without drugs or surgery.

There are many different ways to work on the spine and I use various techniques to effect that change.

We also discuss ways to compliment the treatments at home through exercises, postures of daily living (and sleeping!) and correct bending and lifting techniques to name a few.

Chiropractic is extremely safe and has been around for over 100 years. Most people notice changes within the first few adjustments and find the treatments to be quite comfortable and painless.

There are different types of care that chiropractic offers to the patient – one is pain based care where the patient chooses to be treated based on pain alone and the other is wellness based care where we look to the root of the problem and address it. Length of care depends on the patients goals and the nature of the condition that they are experiencing.

These are all discussed with the patient at the time of the assessment and it is always the patient’s choice as to which direction they would like to go with their care.

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